Friday, January 20, 2006

For Future Use

From Dean Barnett:
File under the “whoops” department. Just Tuesday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court authorized the state’s Department of Social Services to “pull the plug” on an 11 year old girl. The girl was in DSS’s care (and some care it was!) because her foster parents had beaten her into a vegetative state. Shortly after the SJC issued its ruling, the girl’s condition dramatically improved as if on some level she was warding off the ghouls from DSS and the SJC who were anxious to end her life. Now, according to DSS, she may even be a “miracle child.” Please, draw your own Terri Schiavo parallels – I’m not getting that conversation started again.


Anonymous said...

I remember an SNL skit where John Belushi played a comatose boy and Bill Murray and I forget who played his concerned parents. A doctor convinces them to "pull the plug."

Just as Murray bends over to yank the cord, Belushi wakes up.

"What'cha doin' Pop?"

As the guy at OpinionJournal says, Life imitates The Onion. Or, in this case, SNL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack:
Classy reference to Schiavo. You did yourself proud.