Monday, January 09, 2006

Spitting Image

What turned out to be a crucial defensive win for the Redskins on Saturday could have easily been a disaster in OT, what with the incident involving Skins safety Sean Taylor and Bucs RB Michael Pittman. Apparently, Taylor was "jawing" and accidentally allowed a particle of his saliva to touch a part of Pittman's helmet. Pittman then overreacts and strikes Taylor across the head. For this, Taylor is the one who gets ejected from the game. Ejected! Don't we know people who tend to spit a lot when they speak? Aren't we mostly polite and pretend to ignore that it happened? That you've just felt something hit your face or even possibly land in your drink? Couldn't that have been the case? (And that when Taylor accidentally spits, he hocks loogies? And that he also accidentally did the same to a Bengals wide receiver last year? And that his upcoming criminal court trial is nothing but a farce?)


Anonymous said...

seriously, Vic Matus, you're cruisin for a bruisin trashing the skins again! first you insist Gibbs and Brunell are pawns of Satan to make the skins terrible. Now you're trashing Taylor, who honestly got the raw end of the deal on that exchange. Look closely at the video, you never see Pittman draw back as if he were spit on, and you never see him attempt to wipe it off, even though they show him in the picture a full 5-10 seconds after they have been broken up and the flag was thrown. wouldn't you want to clean that off? but Pittman never puts his hand to his face or try to remove his helmet.

Scrutineer said...

If you saw no spittle, you must grant an acquittal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - Sean Taylor is the Tookie Williams of the NFL.