Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let My Love Open the Door...

For some reason, various Galley friends and readers have been sending me a link to Tyler Durden's recent post about Jennifer Love Hewitt contemplating a spread in Playboy. Why on earth would this interest me, a married man? (This post is fraught with peril.)

I have always thought Jennifer Love Hewitt was enormously talented. She's been endowed with qualities other actresses can only envy. But it seems she wants to be taken more seriously--as if we don't take her seriously on CBS--and thinks posing for Playboy will do the trick.

Honestly, I don't know if it would lead her to better roles and more respect, which she certainly deserves. But it might work. And so I support her in this noble quest in the hopes it will boost her career.

In fact, I'm praying for it. Her success, I mean.


Anonymous said...

You should read the latest Bill Simmons column. He addresses some of this same territory only from a little different angle.


Search for "Emily's Reasons Why Not".

Good times.

Mpls, MN

Anonymous said...

Is there some way we can arrange for Hewitt to get the Oscar by showing us her Golden Globes? Just asking.