Thursday, April 13, 2006

Classic Sabotage

Jenny, who's basically Marissa Miller's better-looking twin sister, has posted this classic Beasties video.

Be honest, you've missed Bunny, The Rookie, and The Chief.


Anonymous said...

I've always pictured her as a Jessica Alba lookalike. Only, ya know, perkier.

Speaking of which, when is Idontlikeinthatway going to send her to D.C.? Doesn't she realize there the Halls of Power tremble at the prospect of her arrival?

Why, it would be the biggest thing to hit this town since the AEI-Brookings Joint Panel on Deregulation.

[Heart flutters]

Anonymous said...

When (or where) will we see a picture of fair Jenny? I would love to know what she looks like

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cochise, Jonathan. Don't forget Cochise.