Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Should Have Included . . .

this link in yesterday's Sentinel post. I was already planning it while I was sitting in the theater at the screening. That's how much I care about this blog. And you.

And since I feel bad about forgetting, here's some bonus Brendon that I found while hunting for that link:
Eva Longoria claims to be so sure that boyfriend Tony Parker is "the one," she's already planning a family with him. Gabrielle Solis, Longorias character on Desperate Housewives, is pregnant, and now Eva is frustrated that she lives in California while Parker, who is the point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, lives in Texas.

"I want a lot of children, so I told Tony to hurry up because Gabrielle is already two months pregnant, and we're two months behind. Tony and I live in separate states, so that would be difficult at the moment. But he's very family oriented and we both want to have kids."

Yeah. It's cool. I don’t care either. What I do care about is these pictures and what kind of story she's telling that requires her to slap her own ass. Probably about a bee sting or detention or something. What? A sex story? But . . . wait, sex stories involve girls lying perfectly still and crying, don’t they? Oh. They don’t? Well, heres a tip, they do when you're a pretend social worker and you host sexual addiction trust building workshops.

Merry Christmas.

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