Wednesday, April 05, 2006

With regard to the previous post, I think that JLH has made a perfectly fine career move. For now. I recently saw a commercial on CBS (one of the more palatable ones during the tournament) for Ghost Whisperer and was thoroughly titillated by the suspenseful sneak peaks of a coming episode.

But the point is well taken. I recently came across a show called Student Seduction and starring Elizabeth Berkley (aka Nomi Malone, aka Jessie Spano). I thought I was in for a real treat only to be terribly disappointed. Berkley plays a high school teacher accused of sexual assault on a minor. In fact, the male student hit on her and she turned him down. He then pretends it happened and that he was a "victim." The show, incidentally, was on Lifetime.

It was all too hard to believe. Elizabeth Berkley playing a science teacher?


Jenny said...

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited!!"

Harold said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt has done a superb job with Ghost Whisperer.

New episodes have either finished first or second in the timeslot, and it's coming back for another year.

The real shame is that her singing is underappreciated. It's superb.

Hei Lun said...

"I'm ... so ... scared ..."