Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Smallville: Tattooine?

Dan McLaughlin takes time away from the young baseball season (and Bronson "The Bomber" Arroyo) to look to the coming trainwreck of the Star Wars TV series:
Please tell me that this franchise, which has made so many critical missteps in the past decade and which has something of a chance to start afresh with a TV series, isn't going to make a TV show about young Luke Skywalker. I mean, the entire point of Luke's character in Episode IV is that he's been off the scene for 20 years, at a distance from the battle against the Empire, frustrated and bored living life on a moisture farm in the middle of the desert. Nothing interesting ever happens to him, and at the start of Episode IV he's never seen a lightsaber and never practiced the Jedi arts. Are they gonna rewrite that history, or is this going to be a bunch of tedious stuff about Luke's teen angst having only a tangential connection to events outside of Tattooine?


Anonymous said...

Not true, just an interview that was misinterpreted. It takes place during Luke's formative years (between Ep III and IV), but does not feature him at all.

jjv said...


Nailing swamp rats in beggar's canyon makes for many exciting episodes.

jon said...

You wouldn't expect Lucas to get anything right, now--would you? [Think: Jar Jar]

Anonymous said...

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