Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Those layout editors at the L.A. Times can be pretty cruel. To the right of an interesting piece about the disappearance of Howard Stern's millions of listeners after the shock jock went to Sirius can be found a photo gallery link featuring the man above and the headline: Faces of Radio

Haven't these editors heard of the old joke, "You've got a great face for radio"? (Or maybe they have.)


CSG said...


... at the risk of sounding like an addle-brained suck-up.

I've enjoyed your writing on this blog since its inception, particularly your commentary on G'town hoops (I'm SFS'89). I've read your article in the pages of the Weekly (& Daily) Standard. But your article in the new issue of Armed Forces Journal was absolutely outstanding. Very impressive.


Anonymous said...

This pretty much says it all to me: Good Day!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that term coined for Spence Abraham?