Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Burghers Next Door

Galley Friend J.E. sends in this great item:

I got a tremendous laugh out of the first item in today's Page Six. It's about the blood-and-gore director Robert Rodriguez and his now estranged wife, who also happens to be his producer. She checked out after 18 years and five kids when she discovered that he was shtupping the star of his latest film. Here's the part that made me laugh: " Rodriguez and Avellan insist that their separation is amicable and that they plan to raise their four boys, Rebel, Rocket, Rogue and Racer, and daughter, Rhiannon, together and continue their partnership in Troublemaker Studios.

Let's see, they give their kids names that reflect a complete contempt for traditional mores, and even name their studio "Troublemaker." But a little extracurricular marital activity--that's beyond the pale. I guess they don't preach what they practice.

So bourgeois!

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jjv said...

Come on Jonathan! They got married. They had 5 kids! They have been married since their early 20's. I think this is a very sad story. Whatever their names are its not good for this to happen to kids or for a guy to ruin his marriage over a flavor of the month startlet.