Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Old Age Watch

It's 25th anniversary of Porky's, Fast Times, and Last American Virgin. Ouch.

AICN has a great essay on the trio of immortal films (including trailer for all three). A sample of the introduction:

I was positively Machiavellian as a kid when it came to seeing a film I wanted to see that was rated R. I found that it was easiest to get permission to see a violent film that was rated R, while anything that dealt with sex was a much harder sell. In the case of PORKY’S, I was visiting my grandmother in Memphis when the film was gearing up for release. It was spring break, and Fox was doing sneak previews of the film for a few weeks before the actual release. I didn’t know much about it, but that poster was enough to pique my interest . . .

Talk about promising. That poster was practically a dare for a 12 year old. . . .

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