Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Final Word on The Condemned

From AICN, in the course of a surprsingly rave review:

Anyone who enjoys action films is gonna have fun with this. You’ll laugh at intentional moments and unintentional moments alike. And overall you’ll have a good, popcorn chomping time. But the guys who are looking forward to this? The folks who watched the trailer and had ZERO fucking apprehension about this? The guys who are going to wear their AUSTIN 3:16 shirts to the theatre Friday morning? This is their Citizen fucking Kane. These guys are gonna lose their minds at how awesome this is. It’s gonna play on TNT for like, a million, zillion years.

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Anonymous said...

I just wonder if Vince's nemeisis Ted will let them show it on TNT? If not, I think it's time for a big Stone Cold Stunner!