Monday, April 23, 2007

Sony Watch

Why? Because I may never be this clearly, or prescienty, right again. Here's the full story:

The company had said it would sell 6 million machines by the end of its financial year (three weeks ago), but the global level of sales is currently believed to be less than 4 million.

A report in the Financial Times has suggested that the company is rethinking its pricing strategy. PS3 is the most expensive machine on the market, offering a Blu-ray disk drive.

However, the company has released a statement refuting this notion. “PS3 prices and shipment plans for the future should be determined by market trends and competition. Sony currently doesn't have any specific plan to cut the PlayStation 3's price.”

Analysts believe a price cut is inevitable, as the company struggles to catch Microsoft’s early lead with Xbox 360, and the $250 Wii continues to sell s many as can be produced. However, Sony’s plan has generally been to hold tight and hope that demand for Blu-ray drives will increase, by the end of this year.

The company already subsidizes its hardware sales, and has reported disappointing financials for its games division. A price cut would be financially difficult and would send a message that confidence in its Blu-ray strategy is low.

You think?

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