Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Praise of Xavier

They never look rattled, they never panic. A really solid team and I'm proud to have picked them through to the Elite 8.

But I had no idea Josh Duncan was this good. Is he the most NBA-ready player in the tournament? Big, quick, great body, can play inside and out, can put the ball on the floor, and already has a mid-range jumper. I'm not saying he'll be an all-star, but he could be a solid starter for a playoff team right out of the gate.

Would look great in a Sixer uniform . . .

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Anonymous said...

As a WVU fan, I agree with your assessment of Xavier. I've been very impressed with their balance and seeming imperviousness to pressure. Duncan epitomizes their balance, as you point out. I think Xavier is the most underrated team left.

But give credit to WVU and Huggins. They went further than anyone anticipated and nearly knocked Xavier out (it really came down to free throw shooting) - as it took a trio of threes to take the game.