Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big News in Philadelphis

The Flyers were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs over the weekend. Why is this news?

Because it marks the end of the 100th consecutive sports season in Philadelphia without a championship. That's right: 100 seasons of futility.

Here's the thing--there's no end in sight.

We hate because we hurt.

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Dave S. said...

I can not say that I have heard of this lame formulation before this week. Didn't the Phillies and Sixers have championships in the early 80s? Of course, "25 years" has a slightly less embattled sound than "100 seasons." Poor embattled Philly.

Also, Cleveland has had a similar drought since 1965, or, to be lame about it, 172 seasons. You don't see them grousing, unless the whole throwing batteries thing is part of that.

Cone on, guys, you're better than this, aren't you?