Thursday, May 01, 2008

Obama as Baller

Elsewhere I've posted a little analysis of Obama as a basketball player. I imagine that if the press ever gets around to it, they'll label him the second coming of Lebron. Which would be ridiculous. But he does seem like a nice player who knows how to handle himself. If I was on the playground picking teams, I'd want him running with me because he seems like a nice fluid player who knows how to stay within himself. And given his general temperament, I'd guess that he's not one of these 40-year-old Y-warriors who thinks every rec run to 11 is Game 7 of the Finals. In other words, I bet he's a lot of fun to play with, a guy who takes the game just seriously enough but understands that the only reason to be playing sports in middle age is to have a good time.

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