Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman

I hate to take issue with Lynda Carter, with whom I was somewhat obsessed around age 5, but here she is criticizing Sarah Palin for being the "anti-Wonder Woman."

Here's Carter's description of how what Palin stands for is anathema to Wonder Woman:

She's judgmental and dictatorial, telling people how they've got to live their lives. And a superior religious self-righteousness . . . that's just not what Wonder Woman is about.

Let's leave Palin out of the discussion. Does Carter really know what Wonder Woman is all about? Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess--an anti-democratic royal from a society which borders on a theocracy, so intertwined is it with religious tradition. Heck, as a member of the royal family she practically has a direct link to the gods. And talk about self-righteous: Princess Diana has no doubt as to which society is better, the all-woman, Amazon sisterhood or the corrupt, godless world of men.

Maybe the '70s TV version of Wonder Woman was a more egalitarian take, but that's not the classic view of the character.

All of that said, Lynda Carter is still getting it done at 57.


Anonymous said...

The great thing is that Carter's attack about 'who can know the mind of God' extends to almost all organized religions. There aren't many churches, left or right, that don't claim to know what God wants us to do about something.

But the important question: What do I have to donate to the RNC to get Sarah Palin into a Wonder Woman outfit for Halloween? It's just two weeks away.

DaveT said...

Too funny. Does Carter imbibe the same Kool-Aid as the rest of the Obamaland residents? All that illuminati power juice can go to the head of even a Super Hero.