Thursday, October 09, 2008

PS 3

Despite my constant belittling of Sony's Playstation 3, I'm about to buy one because Sony has found a killer ap--The Dark Knight on Blu-ray, coming to a store near you on December 9. Believe me, no one else is more horrified than I am.

Yet my impending purchase of a PS3 does little to convince me that they system represents an enormous failure for Sony. I had stopped following console sales for a while, but looking at the numbers now is pretty shocking: The PS2 sold over 50 million units in its first 36 months of release. In its first 24 months, the PS3 is on track to sell 15.7 million units.

And it's not like there's an army of losers (like me) rushing to reverse the trend. For September, the PS3 is predicted to see sales declining by 7 percent, to a paltry 160,000 units per month. This while the Xbox 360 is seeing a 31 percent increase in sales, to 320,000 per month. And all of this is just jockeying for second place, as the Wii is crushing them both.


Shannon Last said...

Wait, what?

This'll teach me to not check GS every day.

-Galley Wife

Anonymous said...

I think that evaluating whether the PS3 is a success or a failure first requires you to decide what the goal of the project was.

If the goal was to match PS2 sales, then clearly it has not.

If the goal was to kill off HD-DVD, then I think it's obvious that it was a success. Sony stands to make a lot more money off of the success of Blu-ray than it would have off of another 35 million PS3 sales, and the success of Blu-Ray will be a significant revenue source for fifteen years if not more.

Anonymous said...

XBox 360 has a Blu-Ray drive coming soon.

Anonymous said...



THAT AND TOPLESS PHOTOS OF PALIN ARE ALL I HAVE TO LIVE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrutineer said...

No insult intended by this, since it doesn't apply to someone buying a PS3 for the Blu-Ray:

"What Video Game System Should I Own?"