Friday, October 31, 2008

Pimp My Macbook

So if you've got a Macbook and you like the new model Macbooks but are disappointed that Jobs didn't jump to the next-gen tablet version that some people were hoping for, well, you can give these people $1,299 to mod your old Macbook into a tablet.

Pretty sweet, yes?


Anonymous said...

No, a piece of crap. Tablets are fools gold. Totally worthless. if you need to write something down, fucking use paper and pencil, or one of those fancy new pens that can then upload what you write to software which then converts it to text. Tablets are a joke. Type faster or use paper. Or, buy a fricking digital audio recorder and record to .mp3, then use dragon natspeak to convert to text. No self-respecting Mac user would want a Tablet.

Anonymous said...

Really? Because Mac Users NEVER EVER use Photoshop or Illustrator or Sketchbook Pro or a Wacom Tablet or any of the other myriad drawing tools on the market that are either Mac exclusive or Mac Centric or started developement on the Mac. I would use a Mac Tablet constantly.

BiteMe said...

ii dno, its pretty sweet ...
probably worth it ,
but if you wanna laptop,
buy a laptop, not a tablett
if your looking for a computerized thing you can write on and save it digitally in handwritten letters, this is perfect.
but seriously, when do you really need that?
unless your a policeman or something like that??