Friday, April 03, 2009

Barry, Silvy, Dmitry: BFFs Forever!

I love seeing camaraderie among our elites, so I was heartened by this picture from the G-20 summit.

After all, our president wouldn't be giving us the thumbs up unless everything really was okay. He was a community organizer, so he's never going to forget--even for a minute--about the tough economic times ordinary working Americans are facing.

Yet at the same time, that picture reminded me of another one from the recent past.

Alas, even that enlightened moment of bliss ended in tears. But then, these kinds of things usually do.


jjv said...

Well, looks like Andrew Sullivan, Wonkette(forget real name) and Glen Reynolds. Have they had a tiff other than Andrew always having a tiff with those who confront him with the views he held yesterday?

PG said...

Let's see:
Wonkette was Andrew's boss at Time, where he was either fired or quit. I'm guessing they don't get along.
Andrew and Insta don't get along for the obvious reasons (Insta is a joke, Andrew is a joke), and the not-so-obvious reasons (Insta fails to properly condemn Bush as a war criminal), etc....
That pic could easily be titled:
The Three Most Overrated People in the History of the Internet!

Really, name three more overrated people who made their name on the Internet. I dare you.

jjv said...

Moukos (Kos); Arianna Huffington; Al Gore

PG said...


Gore is the former Veep and Nobel prize winner. Whatever we may think of his opinions, he's hardly overrated when it comes to accomplishments. He doesn't count as someone who made their name on the internet.
Huffington, for all her insanity, is REALLY rich and has built an impressive internet resume with HuffPo. Also, she doesn't qualify as someone who made their name on the internet. She was a player back in the 90's as a conservative who was close to Newt.
Kos is a much bigger player in the political scene than Insta, Sullivan, and Wonkette.

jjv said...

The Al Gore part was a joke.