Thursday, April 23, 2009

There Be Dragons

The Gormogons has a nifty map showing global connectedness--the measure being how long it takes to get from any given point on the globe to a major city. Interestingly enough, Greenland seems to be, far and away, the least connected place on earth.

I've flown over (actually, past) Greenland a bunch of times, but until last fall, it had always been at night. Anyway, last October I had a window seat as we passed the the island during the afternoon and it was wild. Giant, giant mountains, a sprawling coast, and no signs of life whatsoever. Could have been Middle Earth.


Tregonsee said...

As an airline pilot, I flew over and near Greenland hundreds of times. What was interesting is that at night there were isolated points of light over much of the southern part of the island. Flying over the same track on a clear day, I often found myself looking down and wondering just where those lights were.

Anonymous said...

And now you know where to move in order to avoid getting the flu this year.