Monday, April 27, 2009

The Decline of The Atlantic Monthly

Former Atlantic star Matt Yglesias writes:

"Definitely the whole time I was employed at The Atlantic I never once returned a voicemail. I figure that anyone who’s really eager to get in touch with me will email me."


Sonny Bunch said...

From an Yglesias post today on David Bradley on the limits of patronage in journalism:

"That said, a couple of the most talented young people who were working at the company have left recently and I’m not sure how far a willingness to spend freely gets you under those circumstances."

I assume he means Ross and, uh, himself. Glad he thinks so highly of his own talents...

(I mean, seriously, could you imagine ever writing something like that? "I mean, the entire business model is null because I stopped deigning to work there." Jebus.)

Counterfly said...

I don't see your point. Voicemail is useless. If you respond to it, the neandertals who use is will just use it more. Phonecalls are kind of useful, but jesus, not voicemail.