Friday, April 03, 2009

For all of this past season on NBC, in 30-second slo-mo tender moments, with a piano playing somber chords to allow for reflection, we saw the faces of new friends going and old friends returning, for one last encounter, sharing in a final moment, bidding farewell, facing an uncertain future, together for the last time, saying goodbye to old friends and new, lives that have changed, but so have we, we laughed with them, cried with them, and died with them, while we witnessed new life, and old friends, and for one last time, we say goodbye, a fond farewell.

Yes, ER is at long... last... over.


Anonymous said...

About fucking time. That show didn't just jump the shark. It grabbed the shark by the tail, raped it in the gills, pulled it's teeth out with a pair of pliers, teabagged it, threw it up on the dock, and then jumped over it with a monster truck. While naked hookers did cocaine in the monster truck's pick- up bed. And set each other on fire.

Surprise pregnancies, cast members with dreadful diseases, sudden violent deaths, homosexual experimentation, drug use, and every other plot contrivance you can imagine wrapped up in a big box of smug every fucking Thursday. God, I grew to hate that fucking show so much. I quit watching it years and years ago but I couldn't even stand to see the endless fucking advertisements for "The most compelling episode of ER ever!" that ran every fucking week. Really, NBC? Every episode is the most compelling? That's your marketing plan?

I figured the show was dead meat when they had the one douchebag doctor who looked like an angry and bitter Ron Howard get his arm cut off by the helicopter rotor and then they had a helicoptor fall on him and kill him a short time later. I said to myself "That's it. They will finally cancel that shit." BUT IT JUST KEPT GOING FOR SIX OR SEVEN MORE YEARS!!!

Ok. Rant over. ER is dead. Thank God.

Bugg said...

Setting each other on fire while giving birth to exotically- diseased triplets and a duck-billed platypus, respectively.

Never watched the show, but saw enough promos to know that the ER had more gunplay inside it than any East New York crackhouse on West Indian Day parade weekend.

Eriq LaSalle played the same exact douchebag in "Coming to America". It was better for laughs.

Dave S. said...

Regardless of what replaces ER I suspect my wife and I will reflexively and desperately hit the remote at 10:00.00.00 PM Thursdays thanks to the long conditioning of avoiding that crap.

Eriq LaSalle played the same exact douchebag in "Coming to America".

Hey, does that mean Buchwald's estate can sue Crichton's estate?

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

TOTALLY AWESOME, dude!! Jesus DIDN'T tap out. That's so flagrantly effn awesome, I wanna write that on my blog --- Just thot you’d be interested in these verses I love which’ll help you wiseabove. May God flagrantly bless you, my friend, and may the Trinity always put two options in thy Finite Existence (L or R) so you know the Way home to Heaven Above. May I meet you Upstairs and we’ll go for a beer? I’d like that (yes, God has the most backbone-beautifying-bombastic beer, the most full-fill-ing in the universe and many beyond).