Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dept. of Literature (and Video Games)

I'm not an expert on Italian literature and but I'm pretty sure that none of these scenes from the video game version of Dante's Inferno were in the actual book.

Galley Wife S.L. will have to weigh in.

After we get the game, that is.


Shannon Last said...

Dio mio. Non ci sono parole.

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, JVL, mi ritrovai...con uno strano adorabile.

Aren't you glad I passed on Golia and his motorino and wound up with you instead? (Loosely speaking, strano means geek, by the way.) Just know that if that video game shows up you will see more flailing hands and shouts of "MADONNA! ABBI PIETA'!" than usual. : )

Ti amo,
Galley Wife

Ralphie said...

I will play this game when Hell freezes over.

Anonymous said...

But some of them were in Fellowship of the Ring.

Dude, you can't avoid the Federer thing forever. Better to do it quick, like pulling off a bandaid.

tom said...

I'd been hoping for a Canterbury Tales quest game--is that coming?