Friday, July 17, 2009

Gasquet Was Innocent!

Remember when Richard Gasquet was suspended from the tour for cocaine use? No? Well play along anyway.

An ITF panel has now found that level of cocaine Gasquet was found to have in his system was no more than a grain of salt" and that he had ingested it by making out with some chick at a club and that "the amount of cocaine in the player's body was so small that if he had been tested only a few hours later, his test result would be likely to have been negative."

As if he hasn't had enough bad breaks already.

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PG said...

Expect this to become a popular defense for all MLB/NBA/NFL athletes who test positive for drugs.

NBA: Carmelo, we just got the results back from your drug test and we found high levels of marijuana in your urine.

Carmelo Anthony: Really? Can't be possible. I don't smoke weed. Must have been that girl I kissed at the club!