Thursday, July 23, 2009

LeBron Samizdat

The dunk tape is out.

And it makes LeBron look even worse because there's no reason he should have been so sensitive about it. He's not the one guarding Jordan Crawford. Crawford blows by his man and LeBron steps over to help from the baseline where he had been guarding the post man. He's a little late, but, in fairness to him, he needed to stay home an extra millisecond because otherwise Crawford drops a short pass to the post for a sure dunk.

LeBron made the right play from the help side. Crawford made a really good move and finished well. What's embarrassing for Bron-Bron isn't that he was dunked on.

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Bill Walsh said...

I agree. That wasn’t Shawn Bradley posterization. He made a play, but it was a little late.

It’s the cover-up that always gets you…