Sunday, October 09, 2005

First, Let Us Save All the Lawyers

Maybe I should just turn Galley Slaves over to Patterico for the coming week. More good stuff from him here where he finds a January 1993 Texas Bar Journal article by Miers, who wrote:
In his October [1992] Opinion in this Journal my colleague, TYLA President Steve Martin, artfully assailed the Republican administration for seizing “the perceived low public regard for lawyers to fashion a campaign strategy based on the disparagement of lawyers.” Lawyers, in large number, want the State Bar and other organizations to “fight back.”

Patterico says the rest of the article "is devoted to explaining how the State Bar can help find an 'antidote' for 'lawyer bashing'.”


Dan said...

Forgive me, but this has nothing to do with the current post.

Mr. Last, there is an op-ed circulating with your name on it that claims that liberal elites caused "in an important sense" the collapse of the British empire (it appeared this morning in my Philadelphia Inquirer). I advise you to contact your lawyer--I mean, I certainly would if some scoundrel had published such bilge under my good name. Apparently, some person would have us believe that you believe that the essential unprofitability of the empire was not a factor in the reduction of British holdings, nor were movements of self determination or Japanese imperial expansion, nor the fact that Britian was by WW I a debtor nation! Also, this "Last" character imagines some sophisticated conspiracy among "Liberal elites" that manipulated somehow ("Last" doesn't say) the post-WWI public opinion of otherwise naturally jingoistic British people. Finally, "Last" asserts, contra Remains of the Day, that it was the Liberals, and not England's own sizable cadre of fascists and arch-conservatives, who sympathised with fascist Germany and weakened the government's resolve to combat it!

I think the point of the piece is that we should lock up anti-imperialists here in America, and while no serious person can disagree with that, it should be said that there are better historical justifications than this fantasy that "Last" has constructed. But that's a matter for another day. The important thing now, Mr. Last, is that you cease the circulation of this forged op-ed.

Dan said...


I have confused Mr. Last with Matt Labash. You see, I had thought them the same person (I had deleted Mr. Labash's name from my memory), and so was astonished to discover that the terrific author of "the Great White Waste of Time" was responsible for the insane op-ed that had appeared in my morning paper. Well silly me. For all I know, Mr. Last (whose Daily Standard caricature looks not unlike Mr. Labash's) may actually believe what he wrote, and therefore be the authentic author of the op-ed in question. Pity for him. But hooray for Mr. Labash, who is truly terrific.

Sally said...

ijMr. Labash must lament having such a similar last name to the publisher of such an op-ed...

Sally said...

Mr. Labash must lament having such a confusable name with the author of such an op-ed.