Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Pity the Fool

The latest dust-up in the District centers around the rescheduling of the Martin Luther King Day parade. Normally taking place on King's birthday, a federal holiday in January, a committee decided that cold weather might hinder attendance. So the parade has been pushed back to April 1. Needless to say, parade planners and other activists were more than a little upset by the new date. But the committee says it didn't mean to have it coincide with April Fool's Day. In fact, they rescheduled the joyous parade to commence the weekend before April 4--the day King was shot and killed. As one activist told the Post, "If you want to commemorate an assassination, that should be something that is done with some solemnity. You don't commemorate a person's assassination with marching bands."

And just who was responsible for appointing this committee? None other than our beloved former mayor, Marion Barry.


Anonymous said...

The Independence Day celebrations are always too hot and often marred by thunderstorms. Why can't we celebrate the Glorious Fourth in April as well? The Cherry Blossoms are out and its temperate.

The Mayor for Life set his sights too low. Form another committee!


Anonymous said...

There you go, trying to blame this on Marion Barry. Come on, man, don't you know? Bitch set him up!