Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I was recently disturbed to hear our city's beloved mayor is personally a real jerk. I spoke to a friend last night who told me of her encounter with him last week at the Foggy Bottom 7-Eleven. No one else was around except for her, Hizzoner, and the cashier. She said, "Good evening, Mr. Mayor," to which he said nothing back. She then tried a little small talk at the counter while he was getting rung up. At which point Mayor Anthony Williams turned to her and said, "I'm not here for the conversation" and left. There are some things politicians can lack, such as sincerity and honesty, but friendliness toward constituents isn't usually one of them.


Anonymous said...

AT least he wasn't buying a Big Crack Gulp.

arrScott said...

Darn straight, Sarah. Marion Barry has personality. Tony Williams has competence. Williams has never been much of a gladhandler, or even an effective campaigner. And his reputation for personal aloofness is already legendary. But he's the best chief executive the city has had since the start of home rule.

(Reflecting on the swarm of midgets running to replace Williams, all of whom are more natural politicians but none of whom have the governing competence of your average student-council member, I predict that we will soon lament Mayor Williams's departure. Linda Cropp would never tell a constituent to shove it -- does anyone really think she'll make a better mayor than Tony Williams?)

Anonymous said...

I have had much different run ins with the Mayor. Maybe he was having a bad day. One data point doesn't do it and God knows this city could give one a case of the cranky's.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I ask of those who live in or near the People's Republic of Columbia, why does anything apparachiks like Williams say or do matter?

D.C. is a sinkhole for our tax dollars, and should not have any form of "home rule."

Give full control back to Congress. They may be a sorry lot, but they don't begin to approach the massive incompetence of the D.C. "government."

The D.C. government couldn't organize a two-car funeral, let alone run a city.