Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Saturday my sports world was shattered. First I sat through the Georgetown/UConn game hoping we'd finally get noticed. Instead we lose to the number 3 Huskies, 74-67 at the Hartford Civic Center. Yes, UConn is that good. No, I doubt anyone ever makes fun of Rudy Gay's last name. To his face. It's a tough sched for the Hoyas, meanwhile, who got "Pittsnoggled" by West Virginia last week and face number 1 Duke this Saturday. Let's hope that RPI improves.

Later that Saturday afternoon, the Washington Redskins finally ended their remarkable season, losing to the unremarkable Seattle Seahawks. It was a great run for the Hogs and it would have been even better had the team not been plagued by late-season injuries, including to a rather sluggish Mark Brunell. (But will Gibbs go with a 37-year-old QB next year?) And will we have Patrick Ramsey to fall back on (unlikely)? Perhaps Jason Campbell will be ready to step up? And what of the ongoing drama series known as LaVar? A great many questions to be answered in the offseason.

Having slumped into this sports depression, I thought of no better time to see a horror flick called Hostel. How bad could it be?

Because it is nearing dinner, I'll save my review until later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, have some respect for your Seattle readers and use a neutral description of the winning team.