Sunday, January 22, 2006

Prior to yesterday's Georgetown-Duke game, the Post's Camille Powell laid out some ominous statistics: "But for all the excitement surrounding the program, the Hoyas haven't been ranked since early January 2002. They haven't played in the NCAA tournament since 2001. They haven't defeated a No. 1 team since Feb. 27, 1985.... Georgetown is still looking for that defining on-court moment of its second Thompson era."

After yesterday, they need not look any further as the unranked Hoyas defeated the Duke Blue Devils 87-84. Aside from the free throws, there really wasn't much more Georgetown could have improved upon. "It wasn't their offense as much as the unity of their offense," thought Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who also said his team ended up watching J.J. Redick more than playing alongside him. "We might as well get tickets and sit behind the bench. No one is doing anything out there."

Redick scored 41 points while the rest of his teammates combined for 43. Ride-Me-Big-Shelden Williams managed just four.

The Hoyas are still a long way from the Big Dance. They still have a schedule that includes Pitt, West Virginia, and Villanova. But in terms of that "defining on-court moment" and the quest to build confidence, Georgetown may have reached a turning point--defeating a number one team (my guess is UConn takes the top spot come Monday), ending Duke's 17-0 start, and outplaying six McDonald's All-Americans.

I wonder where's Craig Esherick?

A few other notes: A number of commentators loved pointing out the deep "Princeton-style" backdoor cuts used by Georgetown coach John Thompson III. It is true he employed them in yesterday's game but his offense is far from being a purely Princeton offense.

At the end of the game as students and fans rushed the court, Big John Thompson came over to give his son a hug. Big John later told Tony Kornheiser, "That's my child. Forget the coaching stuff; that's my child." Sure, as if he isn't still pulling the strings like Emperor Palpatine.

Dikembe Mutombo, upon learning of Georgetown's win, told Post columnist Mike Wise "This is good, exciting news for me. I can't wait to call Big John." But first, who will be sexing Mutombo tonight?


Anonymous said...

Vic Torino,

Did you see in the Post that in a couple years Ewing, Jr., and Mutombo, Jr., will both be attending Georgetown? Gonna be some comedy there, I tell you. I think "Who will sex Mutombo?" will be making a comeback. Hang around the Tombs...

Anonymous said...


Once again stealing my lines...."Who will sex Dikembe tonight?" That is from 1994.

Anonymous said...


Let me know when the quit ducking the BB&T, or agree to play UMD, GW, or Mason.