Monday, February 06, 2006

The Fight Club: A Love Story

In the tradition of Shining comes the new trailer for The Fight Club, courtesy of Galley Friend B.W.

Update: Also from B.W., this terrifying trailer for Sleepless, in Seattle. So good.


Anonymous said...

On my Special Edition DVD of Fight Club there is a TV trailer titled Girl´s Club, which is edited precisely to make it look funny and romantic. And it is not a joke. It is simply aimed at young girls who love Brad Pitt. Boy, did they get a surprise.

WWB said...

"The Fight Club" was fairly weak. I love this genre, but these things aren't easy to do right.

"Sleepless" is good and probably the most technically proficient, although with enough strobe effects you could turn almost anything into a horror film.

"Brokeback to the Future" is the funniest, but then I've been a die-hard "Back to the Future" fan since the movie came out.

But "Shining" remains the gold standard.