Friday, February 03, 2006

Oscar Marketology

If you're thinking about getting in on an Oscar pool, now is a good time to look at what the HSX market thinks of the race.

Somewhat surprisingly, the HSX market favors Brokeback for Best Picture, but has Crash a close second. We'll see if this trend holds.

Ang Lee is favored by a slightly wider margin over George Clooney for Best Director.

The Best Actor race is still wide open. Best Actress is also still close, with Reese Witherspoon getting the early edge over Felicity Huffman. (How tragic would it be if Huffman won an Oscar before Bill Macy?)

The market is still sorting out the other awards, with most races very close. Of course, intuition says that Brokeback will win nearly across the board, so it will be interesting to see if the market catches up with intuition, or if the conventional wisdom turns out to be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, JVL writing about the "industry" like he knows something about it. He JVL, looks like Narnia is about $50 million ahead of Kong.

Anonymous said...

Only one other comment tells us all we need to know. Concerning the "industry:, DILLIGAFF (Do I look like I give a flying ++++?) Narnia made more $ (I believe) than all of those looser pics which were nominated. Our care is so low that only a few of us have the energy to even enter comments. I'll turn on an old 8-bit Nintendo on awards nite and get a lot more entertainment. Heck, even the religious right doesn't really see any reason to pick on Brokeback... it really doesn't matter any more.