Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gitmo-style Corporate Management Techniques

Galley friend Brendan Conway, primarily of Washington Times but also an editor for Doublethink, has a terrific story in this week's NYPress about a military interrogator who's going into the private sector as, what else, a consultant. He wants to bring the lessons of military intelligence to a cubicle near you.

This issue of the New York Press sadly marks the end of Harry Siegel's tenure as editor, as Siegel and several of his colleagues—some of them good friends of ours—resigned after their publisher refused to allow them to reprint the infamous Danish Muhammed cartoons. Ruling that these cartoons were beyond the pale was an especially craven and hypocritical decision for the Press management, which takes a huge chunk of its revenues from lewd ads promising escort services, phone sex, and the like. Indeed, the Press's own pages have known any number of examples of filth, not least of all in its prose. When I worked there for about five minutes in 1996, the most often-uttered word in the office was the F-Bomb.

Ah yes, but risking the displeasure of Islamists looking to shame their critics and enemies into silence, that's another matter.

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