Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unrealistic Real-Life Bank Heist Story

I expect to see this worked into a movie script some day. The bad guys abduct some unsuspecting teenagers and threaten them into walking into banks and passing notes to tellers demanding money. Or else? Not quite clear from the WashPo story. But if I were writing the movie, the kids' notes would say the kids would be killed if they didn't come out with money. Or make them suicide-bank-robbers, kids strapped with explosives that will go off unless they exit with a lot of cash. The obvious reversal: The kids are the real robbers, pretending to be abducted and acting out orders, while one of their accomplices scoots away with the dough.

The paper does note that the kids were unarmed. So it's possible the actual criminals in this story have outwitted my lumbering scenarios by forcing the kids to do the job armed with confidence alone, like George Clooney in Out of Sight. That's even more elegant with the reversal: The kids turn out not only to the bad guys, but wicked smart.

But now that I've written this post, I wonder if all the movie-savvy people around here will tell me, oh no, that's been done like a hundred times.


susanna in KY said...

The pizza man in Erie was a sad, bizarre case. Last I heard, the police were leaning toward suspecting "friends" of the pizza man - one of them a woman who had a man (her ex?) in the freezer when police searched the house. The newspaper in Erie, PA, has a whole archive on it.

Incidentally, when the pizza man was killed, the cops first thought it might be a drug connection because the only other place they'd heard of that type of bomb used in that way was in some drug killings in South America. I keep waiting for all of that to show up in a movie.

Anonymous said...

there's an episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent that was like this-