Thursday, July 20, 2006

Child Actors Grown Up Right

There's nothing funny about Haley Joel Osment's car crash, but the hidden detail in the story is pretty great: He was driving a 1995 Saturn.

This makes perfect sense, of course. Osment is surely quite wealthy, but all teenagers should have humble first cars. For one thing, it keeps their shiny new driver's license from going to their heads and for another, they're terrible drivers and often get into scrapes. I hope Osment makes a speedy recovery and kudos to his parents or guardians (or maybe even to him, if the Saturn was hist choice) for the Saturn.

And while we're on good upbringing of child stars, there's a satisfying tidbit about Star Wars moppet Jake Lloyd who, IMDB says, "works at Pac Sun at an outdoor mall in Carmel, Indiana."

Again, Lloyd certainly can't need the money. But he's in high school now and every high school kid should have at least one crummy job. It builds character. Again, good for his parents and good for him.

Not every kid actor is LiLo.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing tops Jeff Van Gundy's used 1995 Honda Civic getting destroyed on the tarmac in 2000. Van Gundy was making millions at the time and he was driving a 1995 Honda Civic, further fueling the belief that Jeff Van Gundy is crazy, but crazy in a good way.