Friday, July 14, 2006

Judd, Interrupted

Galley Friend B.W. sends this heartbreaking story about Ashley Judd. Judd has long been a favorite of mine, and not just because of that Luke Perry movie. But if this account is even 5 percent true, then she's sort of horrible.

By the way, she's the only actor in Heat who doesn't rise to the occassion. When De Niro corners her in the hotel room and knocks the hangers down, she does nothing with what should have been a golden moment. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

"That? That's Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of Montana."

jjv said...


I could not forebear from mentioning that she has also alwayws been open to waiving nudity clauses in her movies. Which given your blog crushes must forgive an awful lot of prima donna Africa behavior.

Anonymous said...

whatever was so heartbreaking ain't there now.