Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fly, Eagles, Fly

How good is the 2006-2007 Eagles season going to be? This good:
Yesterday, the last day of about two dozen rookies and serious-injury recoverees practicing, well, you had Koy Detmer catching passes out of the backfield. And while the 33-year-old backup quarterback showed excellent hands - nary a bobble, let alone a drop - his routes lacked a certain crispness.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg explained that with fullback Thomas Tapeh still sidelined with a balky hamstring, "Koy knows this offense, every position. So we just stick him in there and he runs a little route. We don't mean to throw him the ball as much as we've been doing, but our defense has taken certain things away."

With outside-the-box thinking like that, 12-4 is just where we start the bidding. If we bring back Randall and put him in at wideout, who knows where the ceiling is.

Anyone know who the top prospect is in next year's draft?


Anonymous said...

I'm biased as a Notre Dame grad, but Brady Quinn probably is the top prospect (although says that the top-rated player is George DE Quentin Moses).

Bizarro Jack said...

I just saw this old gem again, so seeing your post made me wonder if people sing this at Eagles games:

Bizarro Jack said...

damn it, that should teach me not to preview.

Let the eagle soar

That Dude said...

Jonathan, no worries this year, we are going 11-5 and will win the division.