Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We Got Next

How lame is ESPN? This morning on SportsCenter they ran a long segment on the skills contest at the WNBA all-star game. Which, of course, aired last night on the ESPN family of networks.

If it's part of the Disney universe, it must be sports.


Anonymous said...

I think you're being a little harsh, seeing as how there was no sports to speak of being played yesterday, other than the WBNA All-Star game.

I recognize that ESPN and its sistren are:
1) not really interested in truly talking about sports (techniques, tactics, strategies)
2) more interested in off-the-field stuff (scandals, disputes, personal rivalries)
3) a near-monopoly.

But it is what we have and until the "Extra Sports Purely Network" channel comes along, it is what we have.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Last week, sportcenter spent 10 minutes on pittsburgh pirates highlights. Why spend so much time on a moribund team with no chance of making the playoffs, you say? So that they could intersperse the highlights of a meaningless game with clips of "Pirates of the Carribean". Get it? Pittsburgh PIRATES and PIRATES of the Carribean? Ha-Ha. They are so clever.

It's called synergy people. Synergy.

God help us if one of the Pirates was named Sparrow.

Anonymous said...

If ESPN didn't at least discuss the Tito Ortiz - Ken Shamrock UFC battle from the Saturday night, then they really can't call themselves a sports network.