Thursday, July 13, 2006

World Cup TV Ratings

Buried deep in this story about the American ratings of the World Cup final is a very interesting tidbit. Soccer scolds like to lecture us about how a billion people (literally) watch the World Cup championship. The Tribune expands on that a bit:
Depending on two estimates, anywhere from 300 million (live coverage) to more than 1 billion people (live coverage, replays, highlights) watched Italy win its fourth World Cup on Sunday.

"Replays and highlights"? That's a pretty inflated figure.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely inflated, but probably for a reason.
How many people in Camaroon, Ghana, and all of the other jerkwaters that go crazy for this nonsense actually have televisions in their homes? They do not see the game but maybe when they take the Ox to the only place with a TV, they get to see highlights.
Or maybe I am just an ugly American.