Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picking a Fight with Power Line

My friends at Power Line are very smart guys, but sometimes they miss the forest for the trees.

First, John Hinderaker links to something by Orson Scott Card and notes, "I'm not familiar with columnist Orson Scott Card." Of course Card isn't really a "newspaper columnist"--he's a pretty grand sci-fi writer and--most importantly--author of Ultimate Iron Man series 1 and 2. For shame, Hindrocket!

Then in a post today Paul Mirengoff analyzes the World Series by going through all sorts of fancy "numbers" and "metrics." He concludes that the Series is "too close to call."

What Mirengoff misses of course, is the only salient fact: The Phillies are from Philadelphia.

We know how this story ends.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 9-Volt batteries littering the field and the Marshals getting protective custody for Kris Kringle. But I didn't come here to relive good times...

Anonymous said...

Phillies fans want them to lose because should they win it will reveal a very ugly truth about Philadelphia: their unpleasantness wasn't the byproduct of a century of losing. We learned this when the Sox won a series: Boston fans weren't annoying because they hadn't won a series in 80 years, they were just plain annoying. They remained annoying after they won 2 world series.
Phillies fans aren't unpleasant or downright rude because their city hasn't won a championship in 28 years, their just rude.
All will be revealed when the Phillies win in 7.

Anonymous said...

@ PG: co-sign. if the phils win, the entire citizenry of this cesspool will be revealed for the douches they are. it ain't the curse of william penn, it's just the way they are.