Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Reason Not to Live in D.C.

You can get parking tickets in your own driveway.


TubbyLover69 said...

Holy cow. This is crazy with a capital KLO:


So what does the law say?

"Any area between the property line and the building restriction line shall be considered as private property set aside and treated as public space under the care and maintenance of the property owner."

Basically what that means is most property owners in the District don't own the land between their front door and the sidewalk, but they are responsible for taking care of it.

William T. Sherman said...

How can a specific area be "considered as private property", and yet "set aside and treated as public space"?

It's either private property or public space, it can't be both. Damn the lawyers and the politicians for this kind of corruption.

NS21 said...

A friend of mine here recently commented that "the city worker whose job it is to fuck businesses and people in DC is the hardest worker in the government."

This is the lengths the city will go to in support of 35,000 city employees for a population of 600K. I guess my property taxes and 8.5% of my income just doesn't go far enough to satisfy these vultures.

Kinsley's Counterintuition said...

Honestly, the only solution is statehood.

trumwill said...

How can a specific area be "considered as private property", and yet "set aside and treated as public space"?Not that uncommon, actually. The subdivision I was raised in (in the suburban south) had laws declaring easements. If you have a yard with no sidewalk on it, you have keep clear the area where the sidewalk would be because it's a public walkway. But you still have to mow the grass there.

That DC would take the entire front yard and declare it such is the amazing part.

Anonymous said...

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