Friday, July 17, 2009

One Shining Moment

Don't get me wrong--I'm very much rooting for Tom Watson at the British Open. He is, however, currently tied with Steve Marino. The UVA golfer has yet to win a major tournament and the weekend is still ahead of us. (His best finish was earlier this year at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial where he placed second.) But at least for the moment, Marino is in the spotlight. And it brought to mind a piece in the Washington Post Magazine, in which staff writer Eli Saslow invites Marino to play a round at one of the District's public courses. Being accustomed to the carpeted greens of Turnberry and Augusta, Marino finds it a bit of a challenge at the rough-and-tumble Hains Point.

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Kevin Downey said...

Would love to see Watson win, or at least be in contention on Sunday. Marino would be a great story, too, especially since he's only at Turnberry because someone else withdrew. I get the general point of the reference to the WaPo PGA Tour rookie struggles with the dodgy greens of muni course...but while Marino surely is accustomed to carpeted greens, I doubt he'd played Turnberry before, and since he's never played in The Masters, he may not have played Augusta, either. Anyway, good luck to the both of them.