Monday, October 03, 2005


The last time the Skins were 3-0, they ended up in the Super Bowl. That will not be the case this time around (my personal prediction is a 7-9 season, what with the tougher teams only now on the horizon). Nevertheless, the team deserves credit where credit is due. Mark Brunell 2.0 continues to make progress, especially on critical 3rd downs. Santana Moss, despite his smallness, continues to surprise, as Mike Wise notes in today's Washington Post. The defense, at least until the end, has held up pretty well. But the real test comes next week. At Denver. The spread: Broncos by 7.

But did anyone notice Gibbs on the sideline praying on bended knee when Nick Novak's kick was good? The penitent man must kneel before God...


Pablo Gersten said...

GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!
1st place baby!

Anonymous said...


Denver is hardly a real test- my guess is that good Washington D will simply hammer Jake Plummer and that there will be enough plays on offense for Washington to win.

The real test will come against Philadelphia, whether the Redskins can make a game out of it. Of course by that time D McNabb might be playing inm a body cast.

Enjoy first place while it lasts and looking at the Washington schedule, it looks like a playoff year for the Skins.... but don't be folled by visions of grandeur by thumping a Jake Plummer-led team


Federalist said...

From your friend in Dallas...Jonathan Last is posting about Miers and judical conservatism while you write one not so insight-ful paragraph about the Deadskins. You better hope Kristol is going to start asking people to justify why they have jobs as part of any post-Roshashana reforms at the Standard.

Victorino Matus said...

Dear Federalist,

Which client do you bill while reading blogs during your workday?

Anonymous said...


BTW Federalist, remind me how those "Deadskins" fared in Dallas if you would.