Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Last night's Arrested Development was nearly unwatchable. If you need a little AD to get by this morning, go to the pretty excellent imoscar (.com!). Among other funny business, it has prison haiku:

The damage is done
Should I try to run? No, no.
I have a boyfriend

Warning: Put your computer on mute, because the site has a grating soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

"Unwatchable"? I'm in post-Katrina cable limbo, so I've been unable to watch television for a month. Has AD turned into a bad show, or was last night's episode simply a misfire?

Someone let me know.


Brian Moore

Michael said...

I'm worried that the writers have lost it. The writers definitely seem to be more amused by the wee england gags than I am, and the whole nonfunctional gaydar stuff has long since worn out its welcome, though I do admit to a chuckle when I saw the framed analrapist certificate.

Christian said...

"AD" was no good? Drat. I had a co-worker tape it and was looking forward to watching it.

How was "Kitchen Confidential"? I enjoyed the debut, although last week's episode was mediocre.

Why do I bother to care? Both shows will be pulled within weeks.