Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bill Simmons, Diety

Bryan Curtis has a great profile of Bill Simmons up at Slate.

Personally, I've always thought of Simmons as the Matt Labash of sports writing.


That Dude said...

Simmonsis pure genius. I met him at the super bowl last yr, he threw me off with his beard and he was more than happy to bust my chops since I was wearing a Jevon Kearse jersey in the middle of the Pats hotel.

Yeah, u know I go right into the belly og the beast lol.

Billy Sim rules.

Anonymous said...

The article didn't even mention the best parts:

- live-blogging events like the Oscars and NBA Drafts- espcially with his Dad

- when he became an object of hate for the whole city of New Orleans

- his e-mail bag

You know Last if you ran an e-mail bag like the Sports Guy does, it would go a long way to making up for all these slip-ups of yours the past few weeks

I keep thinking you were the kid who cut in front of me back at Great Adeventure back in the 1980s


Anonymous said...

"That suit has no buttons."
-BSG's Dad watching the NBA draft a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sports Guy is good, but he's no LaBash..