Wednesday, October 05, 2005

She's Still Got It

I'm talking about Jenny, not Harriet. Even without the Blog Crush, this one's a keeper:
The guy waited forever to marry and finally de-virginize the girl and then he spent the rest of the marriage begging for at least 30 seconds of her time. Sure, she's nice to look at in a creepy, looks too much like your father in law way, but in the grand scheme of things all he had was a whiny, vacuous nag who had a great body she wouldn't let him touch and a dog who crapped all over his house.


Anonymous said...

Jenny is freakin awesome. In my imagination, she's got a body that makes Jessica Alba go home, look in the mirror, and sigh forlornly.

And she's funny. And a Cowboys fan. Good Lord. For not having won her over yet, every single man in America should hang his head in shame.

Jenny said...

^ I totally wrote that.