Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Wisdom of Leno

From the Tonight Show:
Bush said he looked into her heart and knows she won't change in the next twenty years. But twenty years ago, she was a Democrat!


Anonymous said...

Ah, but now she's a fundamentalist Protestant. Before, she was a Catholic. Surely that is the reason Bush believes her opinions won't change, even if he's not lying when he claims he's never actually discussed her views with her. This nomination isn't really about appointing an unqualified crony because she's a woman, it's about appointing an unqualified crony because she worships at the right kind of church.

The mistake of the last few days has been assuming that Bush regards conservative idealists as his base. Seen thusly, Miers is a betrayel; Bush might as well have appointed John Kerry. But Bush sees his base as the members of a certain kind of Protestant congregation, folks who see Bush as "one of us." For them, Miers is the perfect nominee: she literally is one of them.

One might even go so far as to describe this as appointment through faith alone. Conservative idealists make the Catholic mistake of expecting appointment through good works.

Anonymous said...


If you ever again mention Jay Leno, I will be forced to discontinue daily monitoring of this blog.

Neither of us want that.

Jason O.