Friday, August 20, 2004

The Big Cheez

Over at CJR Liz Cox Barrett notes a Daily Times report saying that George W. Bush does not prefer his cheesesteak "Whiz with" (that's a cheesesteak, with Cheez Whiz, and fried onions for you non-Philly people) as he recently claimed, but instead takes it with "cheese of the American variety." It's a fine little story.

Left out of all the coverage, however, is the real question the president should be asked next time he's in Pennsylvania: Gino's or Pat's?


Anonymous said...

Neither: Tony Luke's (Oregon Ave. park under 95)

Anonymous said...

Tony Luke's is better for their roast pork with broccoli rabe. Jim's on South ain't bad, but I lament when Wawa in Ardmore removed their grill--nothing beats waiting 45 minutes with a bunch of drunken 'Nova meatheads for a cheesesteak.