Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Double Your Weird

The Bush twins' introduction of their mother (and father) can only be described as dada. Could it be that they, like John Kerry before them, wrote their convention remarks themselves?


miklos rosza said...

My wife is French, 29, and she's extremely interested to see how American democracy works. We watched the Democratic primaries (I furnished background on Al Sharpton) and then their convention, the most memorable moments of which may have been Tereza Heinz Kerry's unlikable ramble and her husband's painfully forced salute.

In comparison, the Republicans are dynamic, optimistic, and entertaining. The very point of the Bush daughters' appearance was they are not professionals. They were natural and even embarrassed, and if they're a bit daffy that only rubs it in that they're normal kids.

Guiliani and Schwartzenegger and McCain meanwhile have been far far better than anyone the Democrats could put on. The show is a hit.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it is still just that - a show...