Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New York Hospitality

I mentioned a few anecdotes last night about the general unpleasantness some New Yorkers have been showing Republicans. The New York Times has a more detailed piece this morning.

A small sampling of New Yorkers' hospitality, from the Times:

Outside a hotel in Times Square, delegates to the Republican National Convention were swarmed by protesters dressed in black and swearing at them. Blocks away, delegates engaged in shoving matches with protesters seeking to spoil their night at the theater. And outside "The Lion King" on 42nd Street, a delegate was punched by a protester who ran by. . . .

When marchers approached the Garden, a police detective was knocked off his scooter. He was then repeatedly kicked and punched in the head by at least one male demonstrator, the police said. . . .

Yesterday, Jamie Moran, who lives in Brooklyn and describes himself as an anarchist and helps direct the rncnotwelcome.org Web site, was roaming Times Square with a band of protesters shouting at delegates. "These people are in a bubble," he said. "This is absolutely better than standing outside the Garden and shouting to let them know they are not welcome here."

As a poll in the New York Sun showed, the majority of these protestors aren't from Berkley or Seattle--most of them are New Yorkers.

Imagine for a minute that the Democrats held their convention in the most conservative city in America--maybe Salt Lake or Oklahoma City or Huston--what do you think the chances are that the locals would treat them this way?


susanna in KY said...

And what do you think the tone of the media coverage would be if citizens in a conservative town did treat Dem delegates that way? It wouldn't be wry amusement, or tsking, or "color" side articles run as add-ons to the main convention coverage package.


Anonymous said...

Somebody should point this article (as well as Susan Schmitt's in the WaPo today) to Paul Begala. Over on cnn.com, he gives New Yorkers an "A" on the pundits scorecard, and specifically mentions their "friendliness."

God, what a hack!